Bloody Sabbath

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Bloody Sabbath – 258 glyphs, 4 weights.

Eerie and eldritch face inspired by the hand drawn lettering on the cover of the Black Sabbath bootleg “Bloody Sabbath”.

This record captures a performance by Black Sabbath featuring Ronnie James Dio which took place in 1980 at the Civic Centre in Hartford, Connecticut as part of the “Black and Blue” tour.  You can also see other performances from this American tour in the film “Black and Blue” which captures performances by Black Sabbath and their co-headliners Blue Öyster Cult, with whom they shared the same management at the time.

Most of the tracks from this bootleg have now been officially released as bonus material except for the song “War Pigs”.  By the time they changed their name to Heaven and Hell to truly differentiate this configuration of their history, the band decided to no longer perform songs from the Ozzy era catalogue.

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