Space Rogue

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Space Rogue – 279 glyphs, 4 weights.

Groovy, retro futuristic face, bold as a sentient asteroid, based on the type treatment used on the cover art for the 1971 Bantam edition of “Rogue in Space”, featuring an uncredited but signed illustration by Lou Feck.

American writer Frederic Brown crafted this Science Fiction novel which was first published by E. P. Dutton in 1957.  He cobbled together two of his previously published novelettes,  and expanded their collective narratives.  It combines “Gateway to Darkness”, first published in “Super Science Stories” in 1949 and “Gateway to Glory”, first published in “Amazing Stories” in 1950.

Unfortunately the end result was not well received and this error in judgment by the author was deemed slow, ponderous, humourless and pretentious by literary critics of the day.

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