Crazy Eddie

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Crazy Eddie – 259 glyphs, 4 weights.

Kooky, cartoony face inspired by the logo of the American consumer electronics retail chain “Crazy Eddie”.

Founded in 1971 by Eddie Antar and his father Sam M. Antar in Brooklyn, New York. At the height of their success, they owned 43 stores throughout the Tri-State area with sales in excess of $300 million.

The chain is fondly remembered because of their more than 7,500 radio and TV spots featuring the frenetic Jerry Carroll, a popular DJ from WPIX-FM. Dr. Jerry borrowed much of his shtick from famous early television pitchman Earl “Madman” Muntz.

Unfortunately shady business practices led to the chains bankruptcy in 1989 followed by indictments and ultimately stiff fines and a prison sentence for Eddie. It was definately the end of an era.

Attempts were unsuccessfully made to revive the brand as an online store in the 2010s but the trademark now lies abandoned since 2018.

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