Peanut Butter

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Peanut Butter – 325 glyphs, 4 weights.

Fun, playful and slightly chicken fried face based on the sleeve of the Marathons’ 1961 single “Peanut Butter”.

The Vibrations were an American soul vocal group who recorded a slew of hit singles from the mid-50s to 1976. Originally called “The Jay Hawks”, they also recorded under the names “The Marathons” and “The Vibrating Vibrations” later on.  Some of their other hits include “Stranded in the Jungle” (1956), “The Watusi” (1961), “My Girl Sloopy” (1964) and “Love in Them There Hills” and “Cause You’re Mine” (both in 1968).

Unfortunately their master tapes were destroyed in the famous 2008 Universal fire.

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