Leadtype Nuloc

Download another cool and eclectic GAUTFONT
Leadtype Nuloc Left & Leadtype Nuloc Right – 282 glyphs each.

An isometric ode to the bygone days of leadtype and companion to my other GAUTFONT Nuloc.

This is a re-imagining of Leadtype, which I originally created in 1998 but actually conceived while I attended Sheridan College, several years before I tried my hand at making fonts.

Leadtype Nuloc has been created from the ground up, with more carefully crafted glyphs, using my latest update of Nuloc as its basis.

At one time, leadtype was the means of setting type to print words on paper. Much of the terms used in this era is still used in modern digital typesetting to this day.

So get the lead out… Download NOW.

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