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Sangnostra – 268 glyphs, 4 weights.

Strange sans with partial vertical skewing based on the poster for “La Sangre de Nostradamus”.

The third in the Mexican horror “Nostradamus” series featuring Germán Robles (1929-2015) as “Nostradamus the Vampire”. Directed by Federico Curiel and also starring Julio Alemán and Domingo Soler, it was released in 1962.

Germán’s performances as “Nostradamus”, as well as his turns as “Count Karol de Lavud” and “El Vampiro”,  is said to have influenced Christopher Lee’s portrayal of “Dracula”.

Interestingly, Mr. Robles also provides the voiceovers of Henry Blake and Sherman T. Potter and KITT in the Spanish language editions of “M.A.S.H.” (both the film and TV series), AfterMASH and “Knight Rider” respectively.

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