Hypno Coin

Download another cool and eclectic GAUTFONT
Hypno Coin – 250 glyphs, 4 weights.

This strange face is based on the famous “Hypno-Coin” ads we’ve all seen in comic books.

Back in the days of conventional paste-up, layout artists used dry transfer lettering. They were manufactured by various companies such as Letraset and Mecanorma.  These sheets would contain a typeface’s glyphs in a specific point size. The graphic artist would draw a baseline, rub down and then burnish the letters with a top sheet right into their designs.

It occurred to some artists they could rub down their titles on a spare sheet, slice them with a knife and paste the staggered pieces back into their layouts to achieve a variety of creative special effects, not readily available.  Now you too can achieve this effect in seconds instead what would have taken hours in this bygone era.

So look deep, deep into the hypno-coin… Download NOW.

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