Super Sugar 70

Download another cool and eclectic GAUTFONT
Super Sugar 70 – 3 fonts, 253 glyphs, 2 weights each.

One of the best parts of being a kid in the ‘70s was eating sugary cereal while watching the cavalcade of Saturday morning cartoons.

This super loud, super fun cartoony type face is inspired by the packaging of the renamed “Super Sugar Crisp”, originally introduced by Post in 1948 as “Sugar Crisp”, both featuring their mascot “Sugar Bear”.  Manufacturer’s no longer like to use the word “sugar” so today this product is known as “Golden Crisp”.

Paste your type set in Super Sugar 70 over identical type set in Super Sugar 70 Dimensional to achieve live and tightly kerned displays with no weird overlaps.

Also comes with Super Sugar 70 Open if you prefer it combined.

Can’t get enough… Download NOW.

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